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Feeling at home is not as simple as it used to be. Theft, violence, and malicious acts are on the rise and to make matters more unsettling, police departments and other law enforcement agencies are being spread thin amid recent cutbacks and shift priorities. As a result, the responsibility of crime prevention has fallen to individual homeowners and neighborhood watch groups. Accord offers a variety of services to restore safety to your home or neighborhood.

Residential Protection Services Include:

  • Qualified Security Officers

  • Risk Evaluation

  • Unscheduled Patrolling

  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Patrol

  • Crime Prevention Measures

  • Customer Support for Homeowner Associations

  • Regular Security Checks

  • Facility Opening and Closing

  • Personal Protection for Employees of Residential Businesses

  • Visitor Access Verification

  • Responsive Security Deployment

  • Remote Video and Alarm Monitoring, Including Response Services

  • Rapid Resident and Law Enforcement Notification

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