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Accord understands that all home-health patients deserve the same high-quality healthcare regardless of their socioeconomic and sociodemographic status.


Home health clinicians face essential security risks which could lead to unpredictable and destructive outcomes for the clinician, employer, and the patient. These unperceived risks and outcomes require careful identification with a timely solution. Accord works diligently to conduct a thorough risk analysis and provide effective protective solutions, allowing your clinicians to achieve their fullest potential without compromising their personal safety. 


Accord recognizes and appreciates the general concerns and relationships within certain communities, however, our main focus is the safety of your clinicians. Our field team, made up of reliable and professional off-duty or retired law enforcement officers, will accompany your clinicians into any environment and are solely there to monitor for immediate threats that may endanger your clinicians. Our field team remains unrecognizable as police or security personnel and does not assume the police officer role unless immediate use of force is absolutely imminent. 


Accord provides 24/7/365 protection and consultation. Our security professionals are always willing to share their expertise and concerns and will advise your clinicians on proper actions to take to ensure their safety. All Accord employees, including our field team, our HIPAA trained and compliant. 


Advanced Intelligence Reporting

Accord has created an extensive intelligence network to provide your company with monthly, updated crime-with-intelligence-reports. Our reports identify high-crime areas, shifts in crime, gang conflicts and territories, violent incidents, and any crime pattern that may arise in your operational area. This technology enables us to send real-time text alerts to your leadership team, field clinicians, local police, and any other requested parties. 

Presentations/Client Education

Accord offers in-house and Zoom presentations containing details about our operations and how they can be an asset to your company. Common inquiries include:

  • Customer Command Center Built to Service Specific Protective Solutions

  • 24/7/365 Security Detail 

  • Neighborhood Crime Rates and Specific Crime Patterns

  • Potential Threats within Service Areas

  • Disgruntled Patient, Family Member(s), or Neighbor(s) 

  • Ongoing Safety Education and Training

  • Verbal De-escalation and Workplace Violence Training

  • Crisis Identification and Interventions

  • 24/7/365 Vicinity Monitoring with Real-time Safety Alerts and Intelligence Reporting

  • Rigorous Situational/Environmental Awareness 

  • Industry-Leading Safety and Security Monitoring Technology

With our ongoing dedication to providing the highest level of service, we have maintained a 100% safe passage and client satisfaction record.

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