Home health workers often face diverse security challenges that require a tailored security platform. Whether they’re operating in underserved areas or have a general concern about patients or patients’ family, let our team of professional law enforcement officers accompany them, so your staff can perform to their fullest potential, without compromising their personal safety. Accord will work with your team to provide protective solutions, customized to meet your organization’s unique needs and specialized requirements. We provide comprehensive 24/7/365 protective services for our clients. All employees are HIPAA compliant. 

Reliable protection 

Accord provides an armed officer to accompany your clinicians, doctors or care coordinators. First, our officer will meet your employee at a predetermined meeting location. Then, they’ll ride safely from visit to visit in our officer’s vehicle. To remain unrecognizable as police or security officers, our team drives their personal vehicles, wears plain clothes and conceals their firearms. 


Advanced intelligence reporting

Accord has created an extensive crime intelligence network to provide our clients updated crime intelligence reports. Our reports identify high crime areas, shifts in crime, gang conflicts and territories, violent incidents anany crime patterns that arise. We can send real time alerts to management, police or any other requested parties.Medical staff members are encouraged to contact Accord for consultation on unknown areas, safety concerns or any other potential threats. 


To inform your team about how Accord works, we offer presentations in house and via Zoom. In these meetings, we go into detail on our operations, safety tips, neighborhood concerns, how to respond to a crisis, behavioral analysis, breakaway techniques and de-escalation skills.


  • Customer command center, built to service 
    your program

  • 24/7/365 operational detail to meet your
    team’s schedules

  • Ongoing in-house safety education and training based on individual needs

  • Verbal de-escalation and workplace
    violence training

Additional services include:

  • Crisis intervention and de-escalation training

  • 24/7 vicinity monitoring with real-time safety alerts and intelligence reporting

  • Rigorous situational/environmental assessments to address all areas of concern prior to, during and exiting home visits

  • Industry-leading safety and security monitoring technology and techniques

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