We work directly with clients to develop, assess or update security industry standards and technologies. Our experienced security consultants play the role of both attacker and defender, conceding multiple diverse solutions that can be tailored for your operations. We offer various risk-assessment solutions, such as creating and implementing a complete security program, educating and training employees and assuring compliance with regulatory guidelines.

We provide protective and saftey guidance across:

Internal security – Monitoring employees and employee safety. 

External security – Monitoring the physical security of your facility or building and protecting your business from threats. 

Policy and procedures – Active shooter training, crisis response, staff duties and responsibilities, access controls, crisis communication protocols, emergency exits, evacuation routes, safe zones and more.


Background checks – Criminal background checks, employment background checks, company background checks and financial background checks


Expert witnesses – With decades of combined security experience, Accord officials can testify in a particular field that is relevant to the case.

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